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Welcome to Oakwood Heights!

The Oakwood Heights Business Association is a Michigan non-profit organization located in Southwest Detroit.   

The Oakwood Heights Business Association (OHBA) was founded in 1999 to improve the Oakwood Heights area for the benefit of business and the residents in the community. 

Located along the main streets of Fort, Oakwood, Schaefer, and Dix, this association encompasses some 50 businesses in area.  Our membership ranges from small businesses to large industries. 

By sponsoring neighborhood clean ups, Angel's Night patrols, and supporting other community based organizations, OHBA seeks to make a difference in the quality of life for our customers and neighbors in the Oakwood Heights, South Schaefer, and Woodmere Areas. 




Around Oakwood Heights


Oakwood Heights is a vibrant community home to industry and small business that has existed since the 1800’s. There are raw materials produced and refined, machine parts manufactured and distributed, goods shipped on rail and on water, autos and trucks repaired and sold, food produced and served, and establishments for entertainment in our district.
This business community also resources homes, churches, and schools that followed the development of an industrial base as Detroit grew in the 1900’s. Home to waves of migrants from France, Canada, England, Poland, Finland, Italy, Africa, and Latin America, Oakwood Heights is a case study of industrial America in the 20th Century, and how jobs bring rich diversity to new areas.
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About Us

If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail.
- Winston Churchhill
The Oakwood Heights Business Association (OHBA) was formed out of a desire to improve the conditions of the Oakwood Heights Area.